Top 3 Quick Essay Writing Services (2021 Exam)

Today, colleges are transforming to keep up with the rapid pace of modern life. They implement new information technologies and streamline academic processes. It’s faster these days to take tests and get results, search for information, communicate and even socialize. There is one flaw, however, a bottleneck that slows the pace – homework writing, which is still widely used in universities.

This is why the following rapid writing services are gaining popularity among students:

99Paper – undefeated in the price-performance category

Test Box – offers a large choice of services and a flexible pricing model

BookwormLab – an essential writing service for the most demanding client

Speed ​​of delivery is what all of these services have in common. However, in many other aspects they differ. In order for our readers to make a conscious choice and choose the best service for their specific needs, we sent our three writing experts to test these services. In doing so, they were each given a regular student budget and had enough time to thoroughly try out a particular service of their choice and then describe their experiences. Below are their reports.

Tested by Melissa Hudson

This service is very popular among students in America. Before doing my test, I read a lot of user reviews on this company, where around 80% of the reviews praised the quick writers and affordable prices. I was curious to know if with this speed of delivery and this price point, the customers do not miss the quality of the tests.

Filling out their online order form was quick. I was quickly assigned a writer to do my essay, asked to create a user profile on their website, and then make a deposit. Actual fulfillment of my order took 2 of the 3 working days specified by me in the order request – it was unexpected but pleasant.

The main surprise, however, was the quality of the writing – it was on par with the essays my colleagues and I used to see in our work with some of the top rated essay writing agencies. I walked it through several online plagiarism checks and was delighted to find that every sentence was original.

I would highly recommend to anyone looking for quick, affordable help with writing tasks.

Supplements: Besides essays, works with other academic work, such as coursework and semester assignments, literature reviews, reflection and answer papers, and more.

Prices start at just $ 9.95 per page

Advantages :

  • Fast delivery speed;
  • Good writing quality, which will exceed your expectations;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly online order form;
  • Affordable prices.

Tested by Mathew Anderson

When you’re faced with a last-minute essay writing task, you probably want to find a straightforward service that can deliver a high-quality document. Most likely, the delivery time is also important to you. And, of course, security and guarantees are always welcome.

Then you should take advantage of the features of EssayBox. This is a fast and risk-free essay writing service for all academic work including essays. Over a decade of successful practice, they have created a service that holistically protects the client. The customer sets the deadline, chooses the writer, and the service ensures that the system will not transfer money until the customer approves the completed order.

By ordering an essay on EssayBox, you can choose a writer from two premium categories: expert and best writer. If you wish, you can speak with the writer before he or she starts working on your assignment or during the work process. Additionally, clients can purchase a consultation session with a professional writer to learn various helpful writing tips.

Supplements: EssayBox is known for treating every customer like a king. Their Satisfaction Guarantee policy guarantees that in the event of a dispute between a client and a writer, the company will always aim to take the side of the client.

Prices start at $ 12 per page

Advantages :

  • A reliable and risk-free service;
  • Only the most experienced and top ranked writers;
  • Individual training with a professional writer.

Tested by George Davis

If you are the type of customer who enjoys the extra variability and enjoys making choices, you must give BookwormLab a try. In the online personalized writing market, they have made a name for themselves serving some of the most demanding clients. At the same time, their prices remain at an affordable level, perhaps not the most affordable that I have seen, but they are within the daily budget of a typical student.

Another distinguishing feature of EssayBox is the speed of the essay writers, which translates into short delivery times. Perhaps the main driver of such efficiency is their internal writer rating system – each writer is graded based on the pass and fail rate of the delivery. Those with the fastest delivery speeds get higher bonuses and get a higher rank attached to their name on the internal scorecard, available for support staff to match customer orders. For any rush customer order, they will always choose one of the fastest copywriters.

Besides essays, BookwormLab can help you with virtually any other type of academic article, as well as provide professional-quality editing and proofreading. The pricing model is flexible enough to satisfy customers with varying needs.

Supplements: A large library of test samples for clients to use as examples and for inspiration. Additionally, BookwormLab offers UK English essays.

Prices start at just $ 15 per page

Advantages :

  • High customization to satisfy the most demanding customers;
  • Flexible pricing model;
  • British English essays for those studying at UK colleges;
  • Writers who work fast.

The bottom line

Writing a decent essay cannot be learned overnight. It takes years of practice and considerable effort. But if you’re still wondering how to write your essay fast, you should try one of the top three essay writing services tested by our essay experts.

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