Secrets of Writing Original Essays for Engineering Students

Secrets of Writing Original Essays for Engineering Students

Each essay is an academic writing. Its main requirement is 100% originality. No one forgets to use quotes and ideas. However, they should be correctly cited and should not overwhelm the author’s thinking. Plagiarism, the misuse of quotes, completely nullifies the result. This is why many students are looking for a way to write an original essay. We have put together some recommendations.

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1. Pick a familiar topic

The more you know the subject, the more original an essay can become. If you don’t know what to write about, you start looking for additional resources and filling in the blanks with them. This could lead to plagiarism. If you have to write a new essay for yourself, be sure to read something in a theme. A deep understanding allows you to synthesize your own ideas.

2. Choose a specific topic

An unclear subject that does not indicate the reason for writing an essay and the specific subject will never be original. You have to go deep and find a niche that was not yet occupied. For example, the subject “Shakespeare’s poems” literally appears in every other literary essay. A subject “The reflection of ancient English and Greek mythology in the poems of Shakespeare” is much more specific. You will have a hard time dealing with someone who wrote something similar.

3. Choose your own opinion

Try to present an unusual perspective on a test’s problem, if some type of test does it. First of all, an irregular review is worth reading. Second, you are less likely to copy someone’s approach. You can do it all without getting into controversy, offending and abusing anything. Some types of essays do not involve taking a position. Then replace them with original examples.

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4. Choose specific examples

Examples and evidence are important parts of every academic article. They attract attention. An original essay will contain specific examples, stories, and evidence that come from the circumstances of the author’s life. Imagine you had to write an article on climate change. Why don’t you add data about your location’s climate? Or, you have to write about a historical event or a defined term. Tell me about your hometown. Describe how the event affected it, its citizens, etc. The main idea – don’t globalize if you want more originality.

5. Be modern

You cannot imagine how many subjects and disciplines have reflections in our time. Some fresh news that has just appeared may act as good examples for your essay. Always check if a topic can be related to today’s life. Let us return to our example of Shakespeare’s poems. Try to find modern analytical articles, contemporary plays, and monologues written after the poems. In other words, show how they are reflected at this time.

6. Choose a different structure

Experiment with the content and structure of an article if the type of essay or discipline allows. Choose some form of dialogue or interview. Play around with different styles and choose the one that won’t spoil the essence of a paper.

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7. Choose an extraordinary research method

Depending on the topic and the type of essay, you can choose from several ways to conduct research. Play with them too. For example, you can analyze the book by comparison with the other. In case you have to describe a personality, analyze the opinions of its competitors or enemies. The trick is to find a point of view that no one would apply in a regular analysis.

8. Change the words

When the other tips don’t work or are not applicable, try to find as many synonyms as possible. The English language has one of the richest vocabularies due to a large number of origins. Almost all words have an equivalent. It will be difficult to change the words while saving the original idea and the meaning of the sentence. You should also consider the mandatory formal language style.

9. Change the sentences

You can always just make the sentences or make them more complicated. Combine or divide them to breathe new life into your text. It might be relevant to unearth some ideas and paragraphs from the original text. For example, the original version gives the arguments from weakest to strongest. Change the order. Remember to logically link the new paragraphs.

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10. Always use plagiarism software

A set of paid and free plagiarism checkers should always be on hand. They will highlight the sentences and paragraphs to be corrected. Check the essays several times before giving them.

With these ten tips in mind, you can write your original essay or edit the original text. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Start writing, apply our ideas and you will be successful.

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